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Lensabl Produces lenses for pre-existing frames and Offers online eye exam at a premium

Lensabl was a very motivating project since it is the first project where I had the opportunity to mix leading technology like AR in a project that wants to provide security and precision to the user in his vision tests.


Lensabl was a very motivating project since it is the first project where I had the opportunity to mix leading technology like AR in a project that wants to provide security and precision to the user in his vision tests.




  1. People don't trust in an online vision test

  2. Measuring system not accurate enough for a vision test

  3. people seems to miss a doctors's opinion


  1. Design a system where users can get a more accurate vision test

  2. Re enforce users trust with an associate doctors opinion



looking for a solution to obtain a more reliable and accurate vision test I had to study the Lensabl vision test process , I realized that the method to measure the distance between the user and the computer screen should be measured with a more precise technology, since the current method is based on the mathematical calculation between the size of the user's shoes and the number of steps he must take to get away from the screen where he will perform his vision test.


  • Context Study

  • User Points

  • Survey​


  • Problem Statement

  • User Points

  • C&C Analysis

  • Card sorting

  • Nav Schema

  • Moscow

  • Affinity


  • User goals

  • Design Measuring system


  • Mid-fidelity wireframes

  • High fidelity wireframes

  • prototype

  • Usability test



Survey Insight:


To focus revenue on eye exams

66.7% are likely to take a home exam.

After speaking with an optometrist we learned:


Many of the exams given during an office visit, measure eye health (eye pressure, eye muscles, damage due to diabetes)

Only the eye charts are necessary to measure eye acuity and give a prescription

In her opinion, an accurate acuity test could be given in the home using a monitor.




Through research, we found that Iphones 7 and up all came pre-installed with AR distance measuring software.

To see if this technology was universal, we researched how many people in the U.S. own an IOS device. We limited our geography to the U.S. since Lensabl only covers prescriptions in the U.S. and only Optometrists in your local State can write you a prescription.

We found that 63% of people owned an IOS device, and of those, 41% owned an Iphone 7 and above. Keeping in mind that this number will grow overtime, as AR measuring remains a household item for IOS devices.

With Android, due to the fact that many different devices have its software, about 40 different devices have AR cabaility, but only 12% of these devices are represented within the U.S.

With these factors in mind, we decided to build out a native IOS App for the eye exam



Persona #1-2.png

in my research we found that most users who needed new lenses were middle-class people in their 20's - 50's, students, professionals or both who needs to change their lenses without changing their own frames and lacking time for a visual test in person, in addition, the users do not know how reliable an online test can be compared to a traditional face-to-face test.

This research is based on surveys and interviews in Los Angeles area, for that reason I chose “Janet Doe” as a person, a student who works part-time, study and loves to read or enjoy a late movie at home, since her fast-paced life she wants to get new lenses for her actual frame from home.


Scenario: Janet notices that objects are looking a little fuzzy and that her prescription has expired. She wants to make an appointment with an optometrist, but it is an especially busy week for her.

She decides to try out an online eye exam.


Integrating the smartphone tech was the best way to offer accuracy and exam room  experience

MOSCOW : feature prioritization



We knew that Janet had issues measuring a 10 ft distance from her User Journey, and that she wanted an online experience similar to an Optometrist’s office. With current AR technology on certain mobile devices, we found that AR distant measuring would be able to tell Janet exactly when she reached 10 ft away from her eye test, mimicking an experience at the Optometrist, and eliminating confusion on how to measure her distance.

Lo - Fi Prototype Insights:




AR functionality was confusing


The calendar was redesigned without feedback and was confusing since users were not used to seeing that format.




Create clear instruction screen


Create AR demo video on exam page of Lensabl Website



This User flow is the path taken by Janet  on Lensabl site to complete her eye test. The user flow takes them from their entry point through a set of steps towards a successful outcome.


How we tied that into solution as well Language



Color Pallette







Iconography Inspiration


We managed to find a point where the prototype has a more accurate measuring system using cellphone and computer screen as an online vision test.
having Optometrists doctors as partners makes feel more confident and secure about having an online vision test.

  • Get approval from the Optometrist Board of America


  • Partner with insurance companies


  • Deliver an Android App


  • Include an instructional AR video in App

Next Steps

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